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RAW Artist Fixate Event in August!

I'm doing another RAW Artist event this time in Atlanta, Georgia instead of San Francisco!

I'm actually from Georgia and this will actually be my first major show in my home state (I definitely need to work on my about page haha). 

The show will be on August 10th at the Masquerade.

You can buy tickets here:


Salome El
I finally have a shop!

I'll slowly add more products but for now I'm selling small zines of series I've done. Of course I'm working on a small photo zine of my 50mm series as well as one for my Black and White portraits as well. I'll also of course be selling prints ( look forward to that haha).

I'm still figuring stuff out (like with shipping rates) so bare with me haha.

I've had an Etsy shop so far and have sold a few handmade journals but there was stuff about USPS that I didn't really understand but I get now.

I feel like I'm rambling but anyway:

my new shop is open, more items will be added over time and bare with me as I slowly figure out the US postal service haha.

Salome El

So I have a Patreon now which is pretty much a GoFundMe but for artists what what?! Haha.

I have a reward system set up for the different levels that someone decides to donate per month:

For $1 or more per month you get a 1" heart button and a postcard mailed out to you of any of my work.

For $5 or more per month you get access to behind the scenes stuff I wouldn't post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as well as Patron-only polls and the previous rewards.

For $10 or more you get access to a monthly private live stream as well as progress videos and the previous rewards.

For $15 or more you get a print of any of my work (8.5 x 11) in a handmade case as well as previous rewards.

And the last one (for now) for $20 or more you get a bi-monthly zine containing images and poems created by me of course and the previous rewards as well as my undying love haha.


Salome El
New Series: 50mm

This is a new ongoing series that I am shooting in my spare time.

I started it as a way to motivate myself into taking photographs everyday. I shoot this series with a NIkon D3000 which is the first DSLR camera I started using when I entered college.

At some point this particular camera wasn't able to connect to regular lenses and I brought a new camera. I eventually realized that if I got a manual lens I would still be able to use this camera. And that manual lens was a fixed focal length of:


This camera is a lot smaller and lightweight then the new one I got so its a lot easier to carry around with me everyday. The fixed lens works as a sort of challenge an obstacle if you will as there's only so much that can be in the frame making for interesting corps and angles.

I tend to shoot this series during sunset/night time when I'm by myself and the world seems just a bit more quiet. I like how desolate the world seems when there's no one around. 


Salome El