Root Division

I do apologize for not posting on this here blog that often.

I have good news though. I am currently a part of a studio program through Root Division a non-profit in San Francisco that rents out studio spaces below market rate in exchange for volunteer hours.

I’ve actually been here since July but those first few months were more or less just me getting use to the space, the people here, and moving in furniture so that this could be more of a work space.

Now I’ve created new work (which I will post lower down) and am going to be a part of 2 awesome events this month: ArtSpan’s San Francisco Open Studios and Root Division’s Art Auction!

I’m so excited for both of these events!

Here is the piece I will have in the auction:


It’s called The Bird and is a 13x13 in cyanotype on watercolor paper. It is one of a kind of course and I plan on not making any more of this in particular so that it can be even more priceless. It’s also been varnished so it’s less likely to fade over time.

Artist Statement:

Night sky.

Birds flying high.

The sun is moving on

and so am I.

I'm on my own like

that bird in the sky.

The art auction will be on the 25th of this month at Root Division’s space. Click here to purchase tickets.

Now if $60 is a little too steep for you (that being the lowest ticket price) then ArtSpan’s Open Studios event will probably work out better for you. Open Studios in San Francisco will be happening from October 13th-November 11th, that’s 5 weekends worth of art! Root Division just happens to fall in the first weekend on October 13-14th so stop by if you want to not only see my work and studio space (amongst others) but also the work of over 150 artists who are apart of the auction on the 25th.

Here’s some other new work of mine, I’ve been playing around with encaustic painting:

This one is a 8x8in piece.


This one is a 6x6 in piece.


For now I’ve meanly been playing around with this as a medium but I have plans to incorporate photographic elements so look forward to that, I plan on posting up in progress shots and the like.

Oh I will be selling old prints of work a sample sale of sorts and whatever I don’t sell will be put on here/Etsy so look forward to that too next weekend! :)